Any facility manager knows that when equipment fails or begins to deteriorate, 操作可以减慢或, 更糟糕的是, 急刹车.

Though every facility relies on working equipment, there’s one type of warehouse where machinery is especially important to not just the bottom line, but public safety as well: refrigerated warehouses. When something goes wrong with equipment in cold storage warehouses, inventory is put at risk. 像这样, cold storage facility managers must ensure that proper maintenance is carried out to avoid equipment failure and the subsequent spoilage of inventory.

One small malfunction could produce an inordinate amount of residual damage in the form of food contamination, loss of reputation and heavy regulatory fines.


A report from Research and Markets shows that the global cold chain market has grown over the past few years, ,是 其估值有望达到381美元.680亿年 by 2025.

Cold storage provides food producers a means to keep products fresh while they await disbursal throughout the company’s market. 正因为如此, these facilities have played a major role in reducing the amount of food that goes to waste every year. Research and Markets also pointed out that cold chain development is also critical for the continued growth of the food industry.

根据从美国收集的数据.S. Department of Agriculture, several food products have 库存达到历史最高水平 今年到目前为止. In the USDA’s April 2017 Cold Storage survey, 1.36 billion pounds of frozen fruit were being stored, as well as 1.96 billion pounds of frozen vegetables in cold storage.

While food storage accounts for the majority of cold storage square footage, these facilities are also vital for pharmaceutical products as well as some petrochemical and electronic products.

Planned equipment maintenance is necessary

作为食品工业, 等, incorporates more cold storage facilities, whether to preserve products for longer periods of time or to cater to a  larger consumer base, it’s critical that facility managers and personnel working at these locations are trained in the operation and maintenance of the equipment. These facilities utilize specialized equipment, so continual training and education regarding these machines should be a priority.

Some of the biggest priorities for facility managers of cold storage warehouses are the entryways to the climate controlled area据《最近比较火的正规赌博软件》报道.

“如果一扇冷却器的门打开了, that could be detrimental to our operation,杰米·马尔斯, 麦库克的仓库经理, 伊利诺斯州. “我们不能失去一个机会. We are hard on things, and that’s why we need durable doors.”

Marines went on to state that losing functionality in just one door could decrease shipping capacity as much as 30 percent.

The doors in these facilities must be more than just operational, though. Employees need to move in and out of these entrances quickly, 这样可以保持冷空气, 还有暖空气出来. A door that’s beginning to slow down in its opening or closing can negatively impact the temperature within the cold room. 另外, vehicles like forklifts must be able to get through doorways quickly, 这样门就可以在他们身后关上了.

An important system that many of these facilities have is a series of LED safety lights that let workers know when it’s safe to move quickly through entrances to avoid collision with other equipment or co -workers. This comprises lights affixed to the doorframe that flash to let them know when a door is about to close, 当它真的关闭的时候. 如果这些灯熄了, 或者系统以另一种方式失败, the facility can become dangerous to employees.

Regular and continual maintenance on specialty doors and any equipment going through them reduce the chance that something will unexpectedly go wrong and cause a disruption to operations.

A hold-up can have far-reaching consequences to a company’s target market. For example, an accident at a 缅因州 refrigerated facility 最近造成了发货的停顿据《最近比较火的正规赌博软件》报道. The situation was caused by a mechanical failure in a truck, which led a fire that then spread to the warehouse. Thankfully, no one was injured in the fire. 然而, the disruption to the cold chain resulted in several stores across 缅因州 lacking fresh produce and some other cold products.

避免在操作中出现延误, spoilage that could lead to lost inventory or harmful bacterial growth, and to keep a cold chain facility as safe for workers as possible, it’s critical that all equipment is in excellent shape. Key equipment should have daily inspections, in addition to more in-depth evaluations conducted monthly, 季度和年度.

Facility managers who want to ensure their warehouses have the highest quality of preventative maintenance (and emergency maintenance should something go wrong) can 联系Miner. We can work with you to set up a service schedule to ensure any emerging issues with your equipment is spotted right away and addressed before it causes a disruption to your business.